Honoring Nursing Leadership: 2024 40 Under 40 Awards

The Nebraska Nurses Association and the Nebraska Organization of Nursing Leadership will recognize 40 emerging nurse leaders who are under 40 years of age from across the state of Nebraska by awarding the 40 Under 40 Awards during the 2024 NNA Annual Convention in Kearney on October 3 and 4, 2024. Awardees will be honored during the breakfast on October 4, 2024.

Please nominate yourself or someone else using the following process:

  • Nominator (or reference) completes the three Qualification Questions (Download Word Template)
  • Nominee completes the four Essay Questions (Download Word Template)
  • Fill out general information in the form below
  • Attach required documents (in Word format) to the form below using the naming structure in quotes. Be sure to replace “LastName” with your nominee’s last name.
    • Nominator questions – “40u40_Nominator Questions_LastName”
    • Nominee questions – “40u40_Nominee Questions_LastName”
    • Nominee digital picture in jpg format, “40u40_Jpg_LastName”
  • Submit the form

Nominations are confidential; Names/identifiers are deleted when evaluated

Nomination Deadline: August 20, 2024 at 5pm CST. Please note we are unable to accept nominations after this deadline.

Awardees will be required to register and cover registration fees for the NNA Annual Convention in Kearney on October 3 and 4, 2024 and are responsible for their own hotel, travel and other related expenses. Guest tickets will be available to purchase during the registration process for family and friends to join the awardee for the Awards Breakfast on Friday, October 4.

  1. Currently licensed as an LPN or RN in the state of Nebraska younger than 40 years of age by September 30, 2024.
  2. Significantly or uniquely contributes to leadership within the nursing profession through clinical practice, education and teaching, administrative leadership, research, writing/publishing, policy involvement/self-governance, and/or healthcare innovation.
  3. Demonstrates leadership/contributions in community affairs, nursing professional organizations, and/or assisting others’ growth and development in these areas.
  4. Positively promotes and advances the nursing profession in the community (local/regional/national/global) through volunteerism or outreach efforts.
  5. Involved in local/state/organizational policy development or legislative work.
  6. Nominees’ essay questions about leadership.
  7. Expectation that the awardee will participate in a nursing professional organization.
  8. Self-nominations will require 1 (one) letter of reference which addresses the nominator’s four qualification questions.
  9. Previous award recipients are not eligible.

QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS (completed by Nominator/Reference):
Answer all questions, eliminating nominee name and identifiers.
(Narrative limited to 600 words; 1-inch margins; 12 pt. font size.) NOTE weight of each question: Total 40.

Provide information which describes specific contributions the Nominee has made to the nursing profession by:

  1. Providing leadership in the community, volunteerism or outreach efforts (25 Points)
  2. Activity in nursing professional organizations (10 Points)
  3. Assisted others to grow and develop in this area. (5 Points)

ESSAY QUESTIONS (completed by Nominee):
Answer all questions, eliminating nominee name and identifiers.
(Narrative limited to 600 words; 1-inch margins; 12 pt. font size.) NOTE weight of each question: Total 60.

It is important for nurse leaders to inspire others to become future leaders, to have a personal vision for global nursing, and to prioritize policy-development involvement.

  1. Describe how you see yourself as a nurse leader today. (25 Points)
  2. Describe how you will influence future nurse leaders. (15 Points)
  3. Explain your broader vision for leadership within your organization or community, this can be local/regional/national/global. (15 Points)
  4. Describe your current or future involvement in policy development and engagement in the nursing professional organization. (5 points)

Forty awardees will be selected, according to specified criteria and without names and identifiers, by an objective panel of judges appointed by the NNA and NONL Board of Directors. All nominees are expected to attend the Convention and Awards Breakfast. Awardees will be notified by September 3, 2024, so plans can be made to register for the NNA Annual Convention at a discounted rate (discount code will be provided). Nominators and Guests are welcome to attend the awards breakfast. Registration for the Convention will be coming soon.

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