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Since its inception, the Nebraska Nurses Association has been helping nurses navigate an increasingly complex health care environment. The association is the largest and most widely recognized professional nursing association in Nebraska, with members from all practice roles and settings. While many organizations talk about what they do for their members, the Nebraska Nurses Association has been delivering results benefiting nurses for over 100 years.

The mission of the Nebraska Nurses Association is to advance our profession to improve health for all.


Collaboration, Advocacy, Recognition & Education.

Nebraska Nurses Association will be a proactive voice for nurses and an advocate for improved health for all.

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Your Nebraska Nurses Association membership not only shows your commitment to your profession and the welfare of your patients, it also shows your commitment to yourself as a professional. We realize that as a registered nurse, you work hard to provide quality care to your patients. As a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association, you also strive to improve the value and level of recognition of registered nurses.

Because so much depends on you, Nebraska Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association have gathered a variety of benefits to help make your personal and professional life a little easier. How? By developing benefits that save you time and money.


The Nebraska Nurses Association closely monitors important legislation and very often supplies testimony or expert insight into issues of concern to nurses for federal, state and local government, ensuring that nurses are adequately and effectively represented. Each member helps to make the association a more powerful political advocate by lending his or her voice to the advancement, protection and promotion of the nursing profession.

Continuing Education

In the beginning of 2013, several state nurses associations (SNAs) formed a collaborative, namely the Midwest Multistate Division (Midwest MSD), with the goal of promoting efficiencies and growth. The Midwest MSD provides unified tools and technologies and streamlined resources, while taking advantage of ANA capabilities and resources in order to strengthen each SNA.

The Midwest Multistate Division is accredited as an approver and provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC COA).

Nebraska Nurses Foundation

Since its inception, the Nebraska Nurses Foundation has been about the business of raising dollars to begin establishing endowment monies to support activities. Building that nest egg has been a slow but steady process. To date, donations received have provided seed money for foundation activities and awards.

The MISSION of the Nebraska Nurses Foundation is to promote and protect the health of Nebraskans through the promotion of educational and scientific activities and community-based projects.


As a nurse and NNA/ANA member, you are committed to providing superior care to your patients. It is your passion, and you invest all of your energy in your work. But who is taking care of you while you take care of others? Through ANA’s Personal Benefits, we are here to help with six important programs that every nurse must consider: Professional Liability Insurance; Term Life/AD&D Insurance; Student Loan Refinancing; Financial Wellness; Travel Discounts; and Long-Term Care Insurance.

NNA is also proud to offer member-only benefits from the following companies:


I feel that all registered nurses…

I feel that all registered nurses, including advanced practice registered nurses, should be members of the Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA). NNA is the only organization that looks after the scope and professional practice of all 28,000 RNs in the state of Nebraska. I feel that if nurses are not active advocates for themselves, then others will gladly make decisions on our behalf—which is why I love the phrase, ‘If you aren’t at the table, then you are on the menu.’

Nurses are the most trusted profession and have been for the last 15 years. I want to make sure we stay #1 for another 15 years. It is our professional obligation to be members of our professional organizations, and I am proud to be a professional nurse because a majority of my practice is outside the requirements of nursing “merely as a job.’ Nursing is a true calling, and every nurse should feel compelled to demand it to be understood as their profession. As for my advanced practice colleagues, I want to remind each of you that maintaining the APRN license first requires continual excellence as an RN.

Douglass Haas

Membership in a professional nursing organization…

Membership in a professional nursing organization such as the Nebraska Nurses Association keeps you connected to your profession, advocates high standards of practice and promotes the welfare of nurses in the workplace.

As a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association some of the benefits include strengthening my knowledge on legislative issues, representing my voice for change and providing an avenue for continued education, leadership opportunities and networking among peers.

Sue Rohlfs, MSN, MA, RN

I am a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association…

I am a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association to promote and elevate the profession of nursing. The Association works tirelessly for all Nebraska RNs by providing opportunities for continuing education, leadership development, and to advocate for healthcare issues that impact all Nebraska citizens. Advocacy happens on so many levels! Its easier than you think – you do it all the time!

The personal benefits of membership are numerous, too – liability insurance, networking opportunities with nurses, access to ANA’s vast repository of clinical information and leadership development material – just to name a few.

I encourage all RNs to join their ANA state association. Our voice is only stronger with you!

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP


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