Last updated: 02/13/2023

Bills NNA Has Taken A Position On

All of the bills that NNA is watching this legislative session.

BillPositionIntroducerHearing Date/StatusTopicDescription/Activity
LB91OpposeB Hansen1/24/23Motorcycle HelmetExempts those over 21, would require eye protection.
LB145SupportBostar2/7/23Mammography coverage with insuranceChange provisions relating to coverage for screening mammography and breast examinations.
LB202SupportWalz1/26/23Pharmacy TechnicianAdminister IM deltoid vaccines to 3yo and older.
LB256SupportBrewer2/13/23TelehealthInsurance coverage for telehealth same as in person .
LB315SupportFredrickson1/25/23Debt collectionProhibit certain providers of health care and medical services from taking certain debt collection actions against victims of sexual assault, domestic assault, and child abuse.
LB345SupportArmendariz2/3/23Palliative careDefine palliative care.
LB383SupportBostar2/7/23Colorectal screeningEliminates copay and/or deductible for this procedure.
LB431SupportHalloran2/15/23FBI background checkInitial licensure will have FBI national background check.
LB574OpposeKauth2/8/23Let Them Grow ActLet Them Grow Act, would prohibit the performance of gender altering procedures for individuals under the age of 19, provide for definition of terminology and allow for civil action to be brought against violators of the act.
LB586SupportHughesCenter for Nursing$10,000,000 to develop and incentivize more clinical sites for nursing education and develop faculty.
LB626OpposeAlbrecht2/1/23Heartbeat actAdopt the Nebraska Heartbeat Act; to provide
for discipline under the Uniform Credentialing Act.
LB627SupportBostar2/13/23School based mealsProvide free meals to all students.
LB819OpposeMurman2/10/23Medical EthicsAdopt the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act – Providers able to refuse services based on conscience.

LARC Members:

Barb Petersen – Chair (Region 1)
Tina Pate (Region 1)
Rita Weber (Region 2)
Rachel Zeiger (Region 2)

Lina Bostwick (Region 3)
Julia Keown (Region 3)
Kristin McCall (Region 4)
Megan Schaardt (Region 4)

Alice Kindschuh (At-Large)
Sara Erlenbusch (At-Large)