NNA has established The Nebraska Nursing Hall of Fame to honor those nurses who through their work, scholarship, and accomplishments have brought honor and fame to the profession of nursing and the state of Nebraska.  Such a Hall of Fame serves as a memorial to the legacy of those nurses on whose shoulders we stand.  This aware recognizes outstanding nursing leaders who have demonstrated excellence through sustained, lifelong contributions to the field of nursing and its impact on the health and/or social history of Nebraska.  Patterned after the American Nurses Association Hall of Fame, NNA’s Nebraska Nursing Hall of Fame will be a permanent and lasting tribute to nurses whose dedication and achievements have enduring value beyond their lifetime.



  1. The nominee must have demonstrated leadership that affected the health and/or social history of Nebraska and/or United States through sustained, lifelong  contributions in or to nursing practice, education, administration, research, economics, or literature.
  2. The nominee must have been prepared in a formal registered nursing program unless the contribution was made before formal nursing education was available.
  3. The nominee must have been an NNA or ANA member at some point during their career unless the contribution was made before nurses’ registration, Nebraska statehood, or the NNA or ANA was established.
  4. The nominee must have lived in, been educated, worked in, or represented Nebraska.
  5. The achievements of the nominee must have enduring value to nursing beyond the nominee’s lifetime.  (Nominees for the Hall of Fame may be living or deceased).


Please download and complete the Hall of Fame Nomination Form 

Submit the form via email to  or mail to:

NNA Awards Committee
c/o Midwest Multistate Division
3340 American Avenue, Suite F
Jefferson City, MO 65109