The nominee must be an NNA member in good standing. An individual having personal knowledge of the nominee’s abilities and contributions that reflect the focus of the specific award should write the letter of nomination (self nominations accepted). Two letters of support are required with each application – a self nomination will have 3 letters (self nomination letter and 2 more letters of support). Please include the nominee’s credentials in the letters of nomination. A curriculum vitae or resume is helpful but not required.

Deadline for submitting nominations to the Conventions Awards Committee is September 1.

NNA Award Categories

Nurse of the Year

This award focuses on outstanding achievement in nursing over a one-year period. The nominee must be directly involved in nursing through clinical practice, education, administration, or research and have made a positive impact on the quality of nursing care or the nursing profession.

Extraordinary Achievement in Nursing

This award focuses on achievement in nursing over a cumulative number of years. There must be evidence of significant contributions to nursing at the local, state or national level.

NNA Award for Distinguished Service

This award focuses on the nominee’s service to the NNA at the district or state level over the past year.

Notable New Nurse

This award focuses on outstanding achievement in nursing by an RN practicing for five years or less since graduation from an entry level Registered Nursing program.

Excellence in Direct Patient Care

The focus of this award is on achievement in nursing by a nurse providing direct patient care. The nominee is recognized for nursing expertise provided in a caring, professional manner.

Outstanding Nurse Educator

This award focuses on achievement by a nurse whose primary role is as an educator. The nominee must be directly involved in patient education, nursing education, continuing education or staff development. The award recognizes innovation and expertise in the educator role.