The Nebraska Nurses Association Political Action Committee works through Legislative and Advocacy to support issues and candidates consistent with the Nebraska Nurses’ Association’s mission of advancing the profession of nursing and health care for all. 

Help the NNA-PAC support candidates who will advocate for nurses and nursing issues.

NNA PAC is the only political action committee representing the interests of all professional registered nurses in Nebraska. It was established to elect candidates that will advance NNA’s legislative and regulatory agendas. This includes core issues of:

  • Workplace rights and safety
  • Safe and adequate nurse staffing
  • Patient advocacy
  • Access to quality health care
  • Health care finance
  • Nursing education, practice and licensure

NNA PAC activities build on nonpartisan, criteria-based selection to:

  • Promote and financially endorse candidates who support NNA’s legislative agenda
  • Encourage grassroots involvement and nursing participation in the electoral process
  • Establish a dynamic, ongoing communication process between NNA PAC, the NNA Board of Directors, regional officers and individual contributors

NNA PAC differs from the NNA Advocacy Committee:

  • Advocacy Committee monitors legislation and regulation that impact nursing, developing a proactive agenda to support and direct nursing issues
  • NNA PAC endorses candidates that support NNA and its legislative and regulatory agenda

NNA PAC Chair – Linda Stones, MSN, RN