Do I need my own liability insurance?

Although you may be covered under the liability policy of your employer, you cannot assume that their policy will provide you adequate protection. Hospital liability policies are meant to protect the hospital. Only with a personal policy can you be certain that your interests will be protected if you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit or face a complaint against your license with the Board of Nursing.

When selecting an insurer, consider a company that writes policies for health care professionals and covers attorney fees and costs in Board of Nursing disciplinary investigations. The Nebraska Nurses Association recommends the following liability insurer for nurses, Probability by Mercer.

Key Membership/Policyholder Benefits of Probability by Mercer include:
• RiskFit® (available to all nurses) – a series of risk management content that allows each nurse to test their knowledge on risk management topics including self-assessment tools, sample policies and procedures, checklists, videos, podcasts and articles. Successful completion of RiskFit® qualifies for a 10% premium credit on the ANA-Mercer professional liability program.
• Monthly “Risk Reduction Tip” (available only to Mercer policyholders)
• Advice-on-Demand (available only to Mercer policyholders): Access to a toll-free or email helpline designed to answer risk related questions with a 30 minute consultation with a Clinical Healthcare Risk Consultant.

Our primary purpose for the risk management program is to provide effective risk management resources to your members and secondarily to our insureds. The main goal of this effort is to have informed and educated professionals that may lead to reduced claims within their nursing practice. Mercer has elected to fund this initiative, and there is no additional expense to each member for RiskFit® or our policyholder to access the balance of pre-paid risk management services. We have partnered with OmniSure Consulting Group, a leader in healthcare risk management, to deliver the web-based risk management program.

Demo of Risk Management Website:
Attached is a video with an overview of the benefits as well as demo of the RiskFit® website.

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